Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fibre Follies

Hi, and Happy New Year!

As promised, I am back to blogging promptly after the holidays. I got some awesome knitting swag, worked on some projects - and made some knitting plans for 2013.

If you read my previous post, you would know that I was in a mad knitting frenzy before Christmas. I managed to finish the most adorable cowl/hood and the baby llama blue cowl.

The Burton Bear Cowl was knit on US 13 circular needles with Filtes Van Dyck alpaca/wool/acrylic blend in Black. I knit the ears on straight needles instead of DPN's, which was fast and easy for me. I found two medium size buttons that somewhat matched the suggested button in the pattern, and voila. Cutest. Cowl. Ever. I made it in the child/toddler size, but am seriously contemplating making it in the adult size for myself.

Now, as much as I despise "bathroom shots" - I find them vain - I had no choice. I had to document the adorable cowl before I gifted it. So, you will see me wearing a child's size cowl, and will also catch a glimpse of my sweet sweet Missoni hand towels in the background.

On a more sour note though, I did not manage to complete my boyfriend's scarf. The yarn - which is classified as worsted but is more like a DK - is beautiful, but on a US 5 needle, it's taking me forever to complete. I actually had to switch needles (long story), and it's going a bit faster now.

Speaking of said boyfriend, he gifted me with a gorgeous interchangeable needle set from Knit Picks. I *may* have dropped not-so-subtle hints, but hey, it worked. The set is Harmony wood, and just a dream to work with. So, I put the scarf on those needles and it's been a lot more fun to knit up.

My 2013 knitting plans include a few headbands for January baby birthday gifts, and hopefully to finish this scarf, knit up some cute sweaters and cardigans for myself, and try to use up the awesome stash I have. I have a sneaking feeling that 2013 may be a bit of an expensive year.

Have a wonderful wonderful wonderful New Year - and check me out on Ravelry for knitting news, my queue, stash and fibre follies (user name is, you guessed it, thelittlecowlco).

Much love,

Little Miss Cowl Co.

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