Thursday, 17 January 2013

January Knitting Escapades

January is usually a pretty quiet knit-month for me. 

Last year, I actually took a hiatus from knitting after suffering through most of December knitting cowls for everyone and their mother (literally). This year, I had plans to start and finish a sweater, maybe a pair of mittens...and possibly a chunky scarf. Not so, said the knitting gods. Not so.

As you read in my previous posts, I did not manage to finish my boyfriend's Christmas gift. I was also working on my super-secret swap project (almost done!), but the kicker...I got more orders. I love getting orders for knitwear. I do. I do. I love knitting something for someone and thinking "she's going to be so warm in this" or "this is one slick looking headband". I love seeing people wear items I knit, I love seeing people warm and I love that my little hands made them warm and comfy and stylish. However, I am slowly inching away from mass knit orders, and crawling towards knitting for myself, my friends, family and of course, my boyfriend.

I have quite the queue going on on Ravelry. The projects that are really really getting my fingers itching are:

"Lu" Cardigan by Perl Grey - yarn will be Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran in hand-dyed brown/purple/grey tone

"November Sweater" by Meghan Fernandes - yarn will be Sandnes Garn Alpakka in plum

Thrum Mittens by Fleece Artist - yarn will be Fleece Artist Thrum Kit in hand-dyed mixed-berry tone

Cascade Kid Seta Cardigan by Marelie Hurter - yarn will be Knit Picks Shadow Tonal in blue

Check out more of my queue on Ravelry, and feel free to leave me suggestions of patterns I can hopefully love and admire enough to slave over yarn and needles for hundreds of hours on end.

Until next time,

Little Miss Cowl Co

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