Friday, 11 January 2013

New Year, New Knitting

Happy Friday morning to all!

I have pledged to not necessarily de-stash my incredibly large yarn stash this year. When I wrote "not necessarily", I mean I pledge to use and enjoy my stash - knitting up fabulous little and not-so-little projects with some of the fabulous yarn I have tucked away safely.

Last week, my boyfriend practically forced me to document my stash. I took a picture and popped everything into Ravelry. I now have everything catagorized not only by weight and colour, but dye lot, quantity, and queued it all for intended projects. I then catagorized all my yarn in numbered bins, according to quality and intention. For example:

Bin #1 is my high end swanky yarn - cashmere, silk, alpaca, llama, wool etc. Lace weight, DK, high hopes.

Bin #2 is all my Michaels purchases - kitchen cotton, various Lion Brand yarns, Bernat etc. This is the slightly embarrassing part of my stash, as I have begun to make a reputation for myself as a bonafide yarn snob. I blame this bin on my fear of screwing up on good yarn, so it's my practice yarn.

Bin #3 is all my large quantities of one yarn. I have five each of Abuelita Thick & Thin in grey, pink, taupe and tweed. I have 10+ of Lang Tosca brown/blue, orange/brown, purple/green. This can be to make larger projects, or potentially for more cowls.

Bin #4 is blanket yarn. I bought a TON of Lion Brand (my favourite affordable not-really-luxury yarn) Homespun and Thick and Quick, and have associated afghan and blanket patterns. I'll get to it eventually.

Bin #5 - also known as the cowl bin - is yarn I have been using for the "City Cowl". It is Filtes King Van Dyck yarn, and although I didn't think I had much left, I still have 44 skeins. I have unabashedly hoarded certain colours to potentially make myself a sweater.

Bin #6 - also known as the headband bin - is all my Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. I use this for making bow headbands. It has the perfect colours, is quite soft for an acrylic, and doesn't irritate the ears like a wool might.

So there you have it. If you decide to join Ravelry, add me as a friend and check out my ridiculous stash. I vow to use it and love it and replenish it and keep it organized.

Until next time,

Little Miss Cowl Co

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