Friday, 16 November 2012

I'm back!

Good morning my darling followers!

I once heard the first rule about blogs: Don't start one if you can't maintain it. Well, I wouldn't say I haven't maintained it...just that I took a little hiatus.

My last post was in May, so I will catch all of you up on my knitting, travelling and general life in order to give you an idea of why I have seemingly abandoned you.

I took off to Italy for a few weeks. I found the most lovely yarn while there...granted I had to hunt for it and didn't find what I was looking for...but I had fun in the process. Upon returning, I discovered that some yarn companies in North America have mimicked some of the yarn I found (that I thought was exclusive to Europe). It's all good, I have lots of material to play with.

When I returned, I began preparing for the madness of fall/winter. I know full-well the impact of last minute orders and Christmas shopping for people, so I thought I would get a head start on it. Who doesn't love working with chunky wool in 43 C sunshine!?

I participated in the Binder Twine Festival - a local artisan fair held in early September. I must have over-predicted my success, because I prepared almost 75 cowls...and sold 16. Granted, it was rainy and windy and overall John-Mayer-listening-sitting-on-the-couch-sipping-tea-and-knitting weather, but I stuck it out. My entire summer was dedicated to preparing the cowls and moving into my new digs.

After Binder Twine was over and I managed to slightly slightly recoup, I was offered a last-minute booth at a private high school homecoming. It was great: football game, coffee stand, artisans and school spirit. I felt like I was in a movie! The weather was nicer, sunnier and a little crisp - perfect cowl weather!

I admit - I took a little break from mass-cowl-knitting for a while. I wanted to start and finish some personal knitting...of which included a few cowls for myself, a vest, and gifts.

Then...the madness ensued again. I decided to apply to another local artisan fair - the Vaughan of a Kind. It's a lovely annual show held in November. Admission is free, it's right around the corner from Christmas, and showcases a wide variety of talent. I then fell into my little trap of "oh, I have lots of cowls". In orange, and pink and purple and green. Past has taught me that people are not usually as adventurous as I am - people want cream, grey, brown and black cowls. Which I sold out of.

So, my little fingers and arms have been knitting up a storm once again. I have managed to replenish a fraction of my "subtle" colours - though a little part of me wants people to step outside of their comfort zone and get that pumpkin orange cowl because, well...why not? Why not be adventurous with fuchsia and lime green when it's a tiny ol' cowl?! Why not enhance your navy blue, black or grey winter coat with a pop of colour? Why not let your cowl represent your mood of the if you're cheery, blue if you're blue, green if you're hungover etc etc. Why not frame your face with bold - while maintaining your love for simplicity? WHY NOT?!

So, kids. That has been the past 6 months in a little snap shot: cowls, condo and procrastination.

Love you all and hope to write back soon!

Signing off for now,

Little Miss Cowl Co.