Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Knitting Frenzy

Hi All!

So I said in my previous post that I would check back after Christmas...but I really need to get this off my chest. I am once again in a Christmas knitting frenzy.

Last year, I had just started up my Little Cowl Co, and was so swamped with orders I was pulling all nighters, knitting at red lights, stuck in traffic etc. It was horrible. I even brought my knitting to a bar on a Friday night because I had deadlines. This year has calmed down a bit, but I am still on a December 24th deadline for three projects.

The first is a simple cowl - I'm using Mirasol Miski in dye lot 77315 - a lovely blue with red undertones. It's worsted weight, and I'm used to bulky, so I'm hoping to get this done within an evening of Christmas specials.

The second, a gift for a friend's daughter is the most adorable cowl/hood pattern ( I haven't started, and will be seeing them next week. I will be knitting it in a lovely alpaca/wool/acrylic blend with two medium size wood buttons to finish. I was almost done when I had to frog the entire thing (I misread the hood pattern, and got so frusterated that I decided to start fresh and calm). I think I THINK this can get done in three evenings. One for the neck portion, one for the hood portion, one for the ears, seams, button, weaving etc.

The third is the stressful one. It's a surprise Christmas gift for my boyfriend is the New York Scarf ( I chose Illimani Yarn Baby Llama in the most interesting shade of grey/brown. It looks grey beside grey and brown beside brown. It's super soft, but for a worsted weight, it feel and knits up more like a DK. I'm 6 inches in, and have 59 inches left to go. I timed my rows, and I average about 2 mins 45 secs per row. This leaves me approximately 21 hours of knitting left to do. Doesn't seem like much, you say? Over the 12 days left until Christmas Eve, that leaves me about 2 hours a day of knitting. Did I mention that I do actually have contact with my boyfriend, meaning the scarf has to go on the backburner while he's around. This equates to me being screwed.

So, those are my three knitting dilemmas. Help. Me.

Signing off and saying a little prayer that I get it all done and have some amount of sanity left over,

Little Miss Cowl Co.

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