Thursday, 9 February 2012

Yarn Swap

Hello my darling knitters. I write to you from my comfy couch and an interesting episode of Young and the Restless blasting in the background. What a guilty pleasure I get to indulge in as I surf Ravelry and some awesome blogs. My 18 month old nephew just got picked up from a day with nonna (grandmother), dinner is simmering, and me and my mom are catching a quick breath after a busy day.

I came home earlier this afternoon and just as I walked in the door, the door bell rang behind me. It was my much anticipated swap package! You may recall a few posts ago that I mentioned swap groups on Ravelry. Well, I joined a "Caffeine Addicts" group and got matched up with a super cool swap partner. We chatted a bit before the swap, trying to understand what the other would like and then off to the stores! 

I threw some cool things together: a charcoal grey cowl, gorgeous forest green Van Dyck by Filati chunky yarn, grey wool yarn from, a hand-embroidered pencil case from India, a lovely MAC eyeliner in plum, some organic fair trade coffee and loose tea, Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee, and a little note on my favorite Florentine stationary.

Well, lemmy tell you what I got! The first things I pulled out of the package were the hat and mitts. Beautiful beautiful mitts and the most feminine pretty hat, in a lovely shade of turquoise tweed. She also included two-and-a-half skeins in the same yarn, AND the most lovely shade of purple baby Alpaca (my favorite yarn of all time). 

To go with the coffee and tea theme, she included some lovely "Turtles" flavoured coffee, hazelnut flavoured coffee, fair trade organic coffee from my swap-partners hometown, chamomile tea (my favorite as well), green tea candies, cupcake mix, cupcake notepad, and some very cool bath fizzies. I'm actually quite happy no one else in the house drinks coffee (other than espresso) because I'm planning to hoard it.

I thought it would be fun to share what I got, and hope my swap partner enjoys her package as well. I am so excited to wear my new hat and mitts tomorrow, and am still searching for a cowl pattern that would be worthy of my new yarn.

As my new yarn package labels says:

Knit, Smile, Repeat!



  1. aww i love this idea! bringing it back to basics. i die when i get a letter in the mail - let alone a beautifully curated package!


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