Friday, 3 February 2012

Ignorance is Bliss

I should start this edition of my blog out with an important disclaimer. If being a knitter wasn't was tipped me on the nerd scale, being obsessed with anything and everything Jane Austen and 18-19th century England sure does the trick. That being said, enjoy my weekly knitting commentary below.

I may be a little bit late on the Knit Picks bandwagon, but gosh, have I jumped on!

I signed up for the Knit Picks newsletter about a year ago, but every time I saw that little e-mail pop up in my inbox, a mix of excitement and dread washed over me. Excitement because obviously I had browsed the website and fell instantly in love. Dread because I knew if I dug further into their offers, I would no doubt spend a mortgage payment on yarn and books and needles and all other wonderful items.

Well, I finally gave in. I have been dying for the Jane Austen Knits magazine. Not only does Knit
Picks have it, it's 40% off. So, here i'm thinking..."just get the magazine and check out before anyone gets hurt". La-di-da, zooming through the site to check out and BOOM!, pop up for a yarn swift and ball winder. Well, hello.

I inherited a beautiful wooden yarn swift from my parents, who must have picked it up on a trip to Italy in the late 70s or 80s. I had no idea what it was for until I started knitting, and then I had almost no idea how to use it. Well, Knit Picks informed me how. All I needed was a ball winder! now my mind is racing, "does Knit Picks sell ball winders? Should I buy some yarn to test it?" (not like I don't have four Rubber Made containers at home and a linen closet filled with yarn, no no, let's buy more).

I called some stores in the GTA and their prices for ball winders was extraordinary...Knit Picks was not. So I figure I'll get the ball winder so my beautiful skeins of baby Alpaca doesn't get tangled as I try to wind it myself. Ok, two items in my tentative shopping cart. Not bad, Jordana...not bad. Wait, I have a pending Wish List going with interchangable wood needles, books and yarn. At this point, my mouse-palm is sweating and I'm shaking with the urge to just get everything my heart desires and not care about the cost.

But I resist. Kind of. I get a little buzz on my trusty Blackberry with an email notification as I'm on Knit Picks website of greatness. Groupon offer for yarn! GOOD GOD DELIVER ME FROM TEMPTATION!

This offer was just TOO good. Basically, half off. So I purchased two skeins of a gorgeous hue of eggplant mink, silk and cashmere yarn, some lilac superwash merino and matching extra warm wool. To test out the yarn swift and ball winder, of course.

In conclusion, I must stress the need for self-control when opening up Knit Picks or Elann or Craftsy e-mails. These sneaky little websites KNOW the craziness that ensues when a yarn offer arises. We must be strong!

Have a great weekend, and as always, Keep Calm & Knit On!

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