Thursday, 27 October 2011

Allow me to Introduce myself...

Happy almost Friday to you all & welcome to my blog!

Let's get this party started off on the left foot (I'm left handed so I work that way).

I knit. I love it, I crave it, I need it in my life. I started not too long ago with the classic beginner garter stitch scarf, and soon found my passion to be cowls. I quickly found them to be not only addictive to knit up, but to, as well. Every cowl has such a wonderful story, and I follow Michaelangelo's famous words (paraphrasing of course): "there's a wonderful cowl in each ball of's just a matter of me setting it free". Ok, well he said that about sculpting out of Carrara marble, but you get the jist of it.

I'm 26, enjoy a stereotypical night of greasy chinese food, romantic chick flick (or action movie depending on the company I chose to keep) and my snuggie. I do enjoy the occasional night on the town, and have been ever-so-politely told that my knitting might be getting in the way of me finding a husband. It's a wonderful dose of reality, really. Thankfully though, I have a wonderful group of friends who give me kinder reality checks: "If I catch you home on a Friday or Saturday night because you have to knit, I'm going to come over and pull you out by your pajama pants". It's a fantastic scare tactic, and thankfully my friends have not had to resort to that as of yet.

I started a small, word-of-mouth and Facebook based company in which I hand make custom knit cowls. I've truely found my calling, and would have much rather figured this out before I spent 6 years in university toiling away at a Masters degree that soaked up all the blood, sweat and tears I have to offer. But hey, way she goes, right!?

Anyhoo, keep up with my blog for info, tips, tricks, pics, and patterns of my various knitting adventures!

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