Thursday, 27 October 2011

In search of the perfect super bulky (6) wool

So I'm a yarn snob.

I turn my nose up to *shudders* acrylic, polyester and any other 'cheap' feeling yarn. I like warm, cozy, natural fibres. If it's organic, naturally dyed (or in it's natural colour, even better), I'm a happy camper.

Problem with this? Price. God, the price. Spending $20 per 50g skein is a tad insane in my books. I get quality vs. quantity and all that jazz...but I'm young, single, and have a lovely mortgage that sucks the life out of me. I do not believe that one should have to pay an extravagent amount of money for a simple, classic wool. If people have been knitting it for centuries, why is it so hard to come across now?!

Therefore...I'm on the hunt for the perfect skein of bulky wool in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA for all you non-GTAers). Sheep farms, yarn shops, expert and novice knitters, farmer's market, you hear me?? I need you. Now.

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