Monday, 12 December 2011

The Giveaway is finally here!

Greetings to all my lovely followers (not sure on the number, it could be one and it could be one million, nevertheless, I'm just happy you're here and reading).

There is a wonderful giveaway being offered by "Whatever, Eurotrash" - an innovative, intelligent and well researched fashion blog focusing on Canadian, vintage and designer fashion and fashion culture. The giveaway is quite simple: read the blog, name the Eurotrash mascot (see the girl looking like she's going to regurgitate last night's Campari/soda, yup, that's the mascot). You'll be automatically entered to win . One of the prizes included in the giveaway is a custom made cowl by yours truely, The Little Cowl Company.

Here's the direct link to the blog:

Don't forget to check out her other blog postings. You will laugh, be informed of the latest happenings, and of course, want to run out and buy/rock/wear one of her outfits. I try to control myself every time I read her latest posting.

Happy reading and of course, as the Italians bocca al lupo (good luck)!

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