Monday, 26 August 2013

Fall Prep!

The time has come again! Officially knitting season!

In preparation for this lovely time of year, I have dutifully stocked up on some fun new yarn for myself and gifted items. I recently competed for a higher-level career within my company, which means a half-office-half-cubical space, and lots of networking. This calls for versatile sweaters and cardigans. 

I got an e-mail from Knit Picks advertising a sale on cashmere yarn. Really, the words 'sale' and 'cashmere' in the same sentence should be enough indication as to my excitement. I bought Capra in navy and cream, and although I didn't get a huge amount, I think it will suffice to accommodate my re-emerged nautical taste. A lovely stripped cowl is just the recipe for this. I'm leaning towards "Honey Cowl" by Madeline Tosh (found on Ravelry). 

As I was browsing Ravelry patterns, I stumbled upon "Caramel" by Isabell Kramer, and saw a variation called "Lemon Drops". Let me tell you, my jaw dropped at the beauty and simplicity of this. I IMMEDIATELY searched for yarn. I have to make this - and I have to have this gorgeousness on my body. I decided on Wool of the Andes Superwash (seriously, I'm not into hand washing a cardigan I'm expecting to wear 24/7) in Semolina, Navy and Heathered Gray. I'm actually going to do a gauge swatch for the first time in my knitting life, so hopefully I get this right!

I then stopped by Spun Fibre Arts in Burlington - and although temptation was drawing me to multiple different yarns, I picked up two delicious varieties - both lace weight! Yes, me - the queen of chunky yarn. 

The first is a lovely coral silk/wool blend - which I'm hoping to create an airy scarf/shawl that can give a sheer effect ("Just a Whisper" on Ravelry). I'm normally quite afraid of bright colours (I blame this on my shy-borderline-introverted nature), but coral is my one exception. I love the happiness of the colour, and that it seems to have a mature quality while still being pretty girly.

The second yarn is the most beautiful burgundy cashmere I have ever seen. The yarn was half off (!!!!!!!!), and although the yardage is quite low (I bought two 294m skeins - for lace weight...seriously), I browsed through Ravelry while I was at the store and found a lovely pattern that I'm hoping to knit up for my mom in time for her birthday.

My stash is once again becoming slightly uncontrollable, and I think I've maxed out my yarn budget for the remainder of the year. Hopefully I can manage to knit up some of this delightful yarn, while still meeting my duties of preparing for the much anticipated "Vaughan of a Kind" craft show. I will have lots of City Cowls, as well as headbands up for grabs.

Lots of knitting love from yours truly,

Little Ms. Cowl Co.

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